Sangju Storytelling Festival

“Enhance the wisdom of wonders”

Sangju city, Kyeongsangbukdo Province, has been a central source for Korean people to hear many interesting stories since ancient times.On October-12,We Funday Korea member along with 40  foreign participants went to Sangju.

This year, Sangju city was invited 40 foreign nationals to explore the  beauty of wonders.On that day we did sightseeing, Pontoon boat tour and in addition, enter a military survival experience!

Date & Time

8:00 AM ~10:30 PM, October 12, 2018


Sangju city, Kyeongsangbukdo Province.

경상북도 상주


  1. Hoesang naru visit. 회상나루 관광단지 방문

2. Pontoon boat experience. 폰툰 보트 체험

3. Gyeongcheondae Terrace Visit. 경천대 전망대 방문

4. Sangju Military Theme Park – Survival experience. 밀리터리 서바이벌 체험

5. Sangju Storytelling Festival. 상주 이야기 축제 

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Thank you! It was really fun day. I enjoyed with nice weather and korean culture.