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Gulyora Tolipova (GT)

Really cool stuff!^^ Thank you for the organizers~~

Ana Leslie Granado

I think it's an amazing opportunity for those of us who are not Korean and want to visit and get to know more places but are on a tight budget. Thank you for so many opportunities and for considering us who are foreigners 🙂

Olga Pykhova

It's a great opportunity for foreigners to discover modern Korean culture!

Simon Kipngetich kirui

Funday Korea networks is simply amazing. Through the programs organized by the FKN, I have been able to network with foreigners from all over the world and I have been able to travel to various places. LONG LIVE FUNDAY KOREA NETWORKS

bhushan Kumar



Very interesting and attractive program!

camellia sodki

The best organized trip I have been to in Korea so far!! The tour was great and it really makes people want to go to visit the cities where the olympic games are being held, thank you so much !!!


I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event. This was my first experience involving winter activities and it was awesome! Thank you Funday Korea!

Julius Lasia Kilemba

Congratulations guys!!!!! I have never been that happy since I came to Korea 4 months ago! You are smart in organizing events!!! Coz I even learned a lot!!! I will do what it takes to hook up with you again!!

Elena Pak

That was a good opportunity for me. Thank you!

Special thanks to Iaroslav Tokmachov from Ukraine

Iaroslav Tokmachov’s youtube channel:

Special thanks to Lauran elizabeth war from South Africa

Lauran elizabeth war’s Instagram : @flowertakesontheworld

Lauran elizabeth war’s youtube channel :

Let's go to pyeongchang this winter

Introduction 소개

203 foreign participants from 71 different countries recently took part in an exciting event called ‘Let’s go to Pyeongchang this Winter’.
The large group first went to Jeongson, Gangwon Province, where they joined two celebrities in a walk on the Aribau Walkway. Later, they learned the beautiful traditional Korean song ‘Arirang’ and enjoyed some truly amazing performances given by various local singers.
On the second day of the trip, they moved on to Pyeongchang and got a chance to ski, snowboard and sled at the Yongpyeong Resort, where the majority of Winter Olympic Games events will be held in 2018. All the foreign participants, including one who saw snow for the first time and another who had never been to Gangwon Province before, thoroughly enjoyed the full range of activities provided during the trip.

71개국에서 온 203명의 외국인 참가자들은 12월16일부터 17일까지 진행된 ‘올 겨울엔 평창으로 가자’ 라는 즐거운 겨울 여행에 참여 하였습니다. 12월 4일부터 8일까지 모집하여 선발된 행운의 203명의 참가자는 연예인과 함께 정선의 ‘아리바우길’ 워킹에 참여하고, 정선아리랑을 배우는 시간을 가졌으며, SBS공개방송 라디오의 콘서트에서 다양한 한국 가수들이 자리를 빛낸 문화공연을 관람하였습니다. 또한 실제로 올림픽의 겨울 스포츠들이 개최될 용평리조트에서 스키,스노우보드 그리고 눈썰매를 즐겼습니다. 처음 눈을 보았다는 외국인 참가자, 강원도에 처음 방문했다는 외국인 참가자를 포함하여 203명의 모든 참가자가 올림픽에 앞서 다양한 경험을 하였습니다.

Date 일시

16th ~ 17th December [Two days one night]

12월 16~17일 [1박2일]

Participants 참여자

203 people from 71 countries

Eligibility 지원자격

218 foreigners in Korea who are aged from 20 to 35 years old and active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

한국에 사는 20~35세 중 소셜네트워크활용이 활발한 218명의 외국인


Selected participants will receive an individual email after 8th of Dec.

선발된 사람들은 개인메일을 12월 8일 이후에 받게됩니다.

Package 패키지

Transportation, accommodation for one night, meals, travel insurance, sports equipment(Ski / Snowboard/ Sled), rental, a program booklet, and free admission to a cultural performance in celebration of Pyeongchang 2018

Location 위치