The world bridge project in Hanriver festival


The Hangang Summer Festival, “Hangang Mongddang” turns Hangang into a cultural recreational ground during the summer. Where participants can enjoy about 80 different events and programs gather for the world Art project that will connect other countries’ rivers to the Han River in Korea.

30 days on Han river to make unforgettable memories!


Enjoy twenty different types of activity for free at cool riverside event halls and discover a side of the Han river that will offer you once in a lifetime experiences!

Activity Period

July ~ August of 2017

Orientation: 13:30, Saturday, 8th , July

Registration Period

1st of June ~ 3rd of July

The short-list announcement: 5th July


World Bridge Exhibit Project

This is an international event where people from all over the world make a traditional boat of their own country. The exotic and countless boats will be displayed as one big visual artwork.

Artwork creation period

[three times] between the hours of 14:00~17:00

8th(SAT), 15th(SAT) and 20th(THU) of July.


-Your artwork needs to be displayed during the exhibition period.

-Anyone is able to create your own artwork with the help of an expert.


Enjoy Han river summer festival

Participate in and enjoy programs during the festival period while monitoring them at the same time.

Festival Period

From 21st July to 20th August


– Participate in the Orientation

– Participate in the Art project meetings


– Special summer trip to the 10th Goheung Aero-Space Festival (29~30th of July)

– Certification as a PR supporter issued by the Seoul Han River Association

– Free ride on the Han river cruise ship

– Han River Festival commemorative T-shirt

– Following programs in charge are free only for participants

Film under the Bridge Festival / Water Gun Festival / Electro Dash / Jazz Festival / Sunset Yeonhee Madang / Moonlight Circus..etc

– All Meals provided

Time Table


Inquiry : 010-5669-9618 / 010-5526-9618

Kakao ID : funday1 / funday2