Namsangol Traditional Korean Village


Experience the beautiful moonlight and night view and enjoy traditional Korean performance and games in the most gorgeous traditional Korean village

Activity Date

3rd of June, 2017


Registration Period

20th of April ~ 31st of May


– Traditional Korean games and competition

After playing five traditional Korean games, the best player will be selected and will be awarded a cash prize of ₩ 500,000.

(Games – Yut game, Tuho, throwing Korean rubber shoes, hitting stone slabs, and the kicking jegi game)

– Photo contest with Namsangol Traditional Korean village.

Making a korean traditional fan


– Pass through the documentation and interview

– Complete the group missions

– Free Hanbok experience


– Certification as a PR supporter issued by Seoul City

– Treaditional Persian(Iranian) meal provided

– Souvenir given to the all participants

– Free Hanbok experience

Time Table


Namsangol Korean traiditional village, Seoul