Namsangol Traditional Korean Village


Introduction 소개

148 foreign participants participated in Nansamgol Moonlight festival and enjoyed the event by playing traditional Korean games, watching cultural performances and trying on Hanboks. And also, a musical band from Iran who was invited by Funday Korea Networks did an amazing performance on the stage in the event.

한옥마을 달빛 축제에서는 148명의 외국인과 함께  한국문화공연관람, 전통게임, 한복체험, 한국전통부채만들기 체험을 하였습니다. 또한 이란공연팀을 초청하여 이란전통음악 공연도 관람하였습니다.

Activity Date 일시

3rd of June

6월 3일

Participants 참여자

148 people from 40 countries

40개국 148명

Activities 활동

– Traditional Korean games

(Games –  Tuho, throwing Korean rubber shoes,the kicking jegi game and so on)

– Experience of Hanbok

Making a korean traditional fan


-한국전통게임 (투고, 고무신던지기, 제기차기 등등)

-한복입기 체험

-한국전통부채 만들기 체험

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