NamhanSanseong Fortress Tour

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Namhansansung Fortress is the base of Korea’s independence against the enemies. This fortress also known as the Great Wall of Korea has saved the life of many Patriot warriors from their enemies who attacked Hanyang(The Previous name of Seoul). On September 8, 2018, 40 foreign participants were visited at Namhansansung Fortress along with Funday Korea Network Team. The fortress is more than 480 meters above sea level, which was used as a temporary residence in the event of a Joseon Dynasty.Namhansansung Fortress was built by stacking small natural stones over big stones which were quite interesting to experience and also if we talk about the natural beauty of the park, it shows the different colors to every different season. If we could imagine a breathtaking view and the super-large fortress, like Namhansung which we rarely see anywhere in the world.

Our foreign friends in Korea who were the witness of the beauty of NamhanSanseong, and also they got a chance to experience Joseon Dynasty civil service exams, practice archery art, full Namhansansung visit and so on.


1.Moogwa (the military service examination) experience

2.Moongwa(the administrative service examination) experience

3. Enjoy other experience programs such as Korean fan decoration

Provided Benefits by Funday Korea Network

*Lunch(Vegetable Bibimbab)

*Tour(NamhanSanseong tour with cultural heritage commentators)

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What people say.
Naima Nasir

AMAZING TRIP!! I learned so much about Korean culture and history. There was SO MUCH to experience in one day! Absolutely loved it!

Tana Vu

I have not yet got my phone number and bank account because I’ve arrived at KDI for a week. How could I join you? Where is your departure to Namhang Hansejong? My email [★FUNDAYKOREANETWORKS : Hello, Tana. We will depart at Sports Complex Station, Line 2 and 9. You don't need a phone # to apply for this event. And if you don't own a bank account yet, please ask someone else to do it for you "under your name". Thank you. ]

Kristine Washum

No info on the address or place of the event?? ***FUNDAYKOREANETWORKS : We will contact the selected participant individually about more details 🙂

koteswararao vemula

Excellent Group

Dadajonov rakh8mjon