Korean History Speech Contest

South Korea is now one of the most devolved country in Asia.But if we see today’s developed Korea you can  find a prosperous culture and history behind this.Koreans learned a lot of life learning things from their history and they got exercise it in their real life. Funday Korea now arranging a contest about “Korean history speech contest” and deliver  a three minute Korean speech about modern Korean History.Any foreigners who have a love for Korean history and Korean language are welcome to apply! Apply now for a chance to be the proud winners of this contest, eligible to win a total of 2,250,000 in cash prizes(gift vouchers)!

‘한국역사 스피치 경연대회’에서 3분 동안 한국근현대 역사에 대해 한국어로 발표할 외국인 참가자를 모집합니다. 우수 발표자 20명을 선발하여 총 225만원의 상금(문화상품권)을 부여합니다. 한국역사와 한국어를 사랑하는 외국인이면 누구나 참여가능! 지금 신청하시고 자랑스러운 주인공이 되어보세요!


Until November 12th (Qualifiers will be contacted individually on 14th)

1112일 까지 (14일에 예산 통과자 개별 통보)

Contest Schedule

Contest -November 17th (Sat.) 14:00 to 17:00

-1117() 오후2~5

Number of Qualifier

Foreigners 20 people.

외국인 20명

Contest Venue

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Exhibition Hall on 3rd floor.


대한민국역사박물관 3층 기획전시실

(주소:03141 서울특별시 종로구 세종대로 198)

※ MORE INFO 공식홈페이지: https://www.much.go.kr

How to sign up

※ Make sure the subject you choose is modern Korean history.

근현대사 주제만 가능합니다

Cash prize and Benefits

-1st place: 700,000 (1 person).

-2nd: 500,000 (1 person).

– 3rd : 100,000 (3 people).

-Participation prize: 50,000 (15 people).


-[Optional] The winners will also be provided the opportunity to act as a historical guide for the museum during 2019 after taking 60% of training (a total of 20 hours / in Korean), explaining Korean history to tourists from their own country. (₩100,000 of pay per session / two sessions allowed per month)

선발된 우수발표자는 20시간의(60% 이상) 한국어 교육 수료 후 2019년 자국민 관광객에게 해설사 자격 기회를 부여, 1회 당 100,000원의 비용 지급(2회 한정/선택사항)


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This is a very intererting way to promote Korean history and personally I really like Korean history.