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David Devora

Great event last year when I did it without registration. However, there were no opportunities this year unless you registered.


This was such a fun experience. We laughed a lot and met such nice ajummas 😉 It was hilarious. thank you!!

TRINH Thu Trang

Thank you Funday Korea Networks so much for such a great festival. We had the experience to make and eat kimchi - the traditional food of Korea, to dance and sing the songs and meet so many people. Thank you so much for your hard-working <3

Abdullaeva Nilufar

It was excellent, I enjoyed so much. Thank you for all of you guys.

Gu Xiaoming

I was very glad to participate in this festival. Although it's my first time to do this, I had a lot of fun. I wish there will be more interesting activities. And I will join more when I am in Korea.ㅎㅎㅎ

AbuZar Absari

I enjoyed... Very good arrangement and friendly behaviour. Love it...

Liu Tiantian

Really awesome Thank u!!!


1. Better if we made the sauce also that's more crucial. 2. In pics you should cover atleast all fundaykorea tables! 3. More excitement might be added if some kinda competition between fundaykorea tables rather than doing massage on cabbage with sauce

Ai Nhu

It's perfect Festival. I enjoy much

Elisa Yau

Excellent festival, I really enjoy the moment.

the 4th Seoul Kimchi Festival

제 4회 서울김장문화제

Introduction 소개

136 foreign participants joined us in the 4th annual Kimchi Festival, where they attempted to make kimchi on their own for the first time. After their experience, they donated the kimchi to the disadvantaged. They wore rubber gloves, aprons and headscarves to prevent stains while they were  making kimchi. They all had such a wonderful time making kimchi and mingling with Koreans.


제4회 김장문화제에 참여한 외국인들은 김장 후에 소외계층분들을 위해 김치를 기부하였습니다. 136명의 외국인들은 앞치마를 두르고, 고무장갑을 끼고 한국의 대표적인 전통음식 김치를 만들며 한국문화체험을 하였습니다.

Activity Date 일시

3rd of November, 2pm

11월 3일 2시


Participants 참여자

136 people from 46 countries

46개국에서 온 136명

Activities 활동

-Experience Kimchi Making

-Wearing Mombbae Pants