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Amazing trip thanks for all



지난 여행이 너무 재미있었다~~ 산도 예쁘고 많이 친구들도 만나고 같이 걸어서 사진도 많이 찍었다. 그날 내 인생에 가장 밝은 추억이 되었다~~fundaykorea 최고!!!!!!!!

Moana Powell

I absolutely loved Jecheon and when I come back to Korea I plan on travelling the area at a more leisurely pace. I love the opportunities I get to travel with Funday Korea Networks, not only do I get to see parts of Korea that I had never considered before, I get to do it on a student budget. This is such an awesome initiative!

Simon Kirui

The place was just Amazing with a beautiful scenery and landscape. I have a firm belief that the city is even much beautiful during the spring.

Jha Govind Kumar

It was Very nice trip.Thank you very giving such the opportunity.Hope the same in the future too.

Sabrina Lee

Very nice arrangement (seriously) The scenery in Jecheon is amazing Met so many nice people from different parts of the world It's such a nice experience 🙂


This was such a relaxing one day get away filled with fresh air and beautifully-idyllic views. The calming blue waters of the lake also made for some picture-perfect memories with friends.


I loved this trip. We enjoyed a lot and learned a lot about the culture. Thank you


The best ferry trip yet. Thank you for the occasion. Loved it!!

Special thanks to zyanya mb from Maxico

Zyanya’s Youtube channel :

Walking & Cruise in Jecheon

Introduction 소개

Jecheon city is famous for its beautiful mountains and abundant water, located in Chungcheongbuk Province. Jecheon’s beautiful scenery is what causes it to made known by many as a nature healing environment.

Let’s walk through Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex together and enjoy the amazing scenery and a cruise through Cheongpyeong Lake!

Event date 행사날짜

2nd of December

12월 2일

Participants 참여자

124 people from 47 countries

Package 패키지

Package includes: All transportation, refreshment, cruise tour, lunch, travel insurance, entrance fee to Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex


This trip as a ‘Social Network Supporter’ if you’re selected, which means you need to post pictures and reviews of the trip on your Facebook and Instagram after the trip

Location 위치

Jecheon in Chungcheongbuk province.