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Ximena Carmona

Great experience! I was amazed with all the performances, the parade and the bridge! Good way to learn a little bit more about Korean culture!


I very much enjoyed both the event and international friends I have made at the event. We had a great time. Thank you for organizing the event and let us join you. 감사합니다^^


I totally loved the event. Was well organised like always. Thanks

Cindy Lopez

It was a fun experience! The people were very nice and the performances were very good! Thank you so much for letting me participate in this event.

Richie Vea

Thumbs up for the organizers.


After several morning performances at Seoul's Station including circus, martial arts and weapon shows the organizers sent us in several buses to Nodeul island. There we were able to read the history of King Jeongjo trip (in Korean), play some traditional games and receive a great lunch box while we waited for the parade to arrive. Once the parade's head arrived, it was amazing to see the horseman at a gallop on the bridge connecting the island. Afterwards the whole King Jeongjo's corps arrived to the island showing an amazing display of traditional clothing and starting the final act of the day with the King's speech. A great day!!


I had a great time


Very good event

카렌 마케나

. Time conscious . Dedicated, diligent and kind staff . Meals catering for even the muslims . Diverse activities *intresting, engaging, enjoyable* **고맙습니다**

Muhammad Adil Salman Aslam

It was a very refreshing event as I was a part of something that must have happened some 500 years ago. So great to meet all other individuals. It was organized really well and I was amazed to see such a huge crowd and number of participants for this very event. I would love to be part of more activities if time permits. Moreover, the pictures are great. P.S. Some snacks should have been provided as this is a long walk. The lunch at the end should have had at least 5 sandwiches.

King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment

정조대왕 능 행차

Introduction 소개

The 22nd King, Jeongjo was the greatest propagator of politics and literature in the late Joseon Dynasty. In his honor, we invited around 200 foreigners to the most magnificent and splendid festival in history on Sept 23rd.

50 participants among them even created wonderful memories by dressing in stylish, colorful Joseon court attire and crossing the Han River along the Baedari Bridge in Noryangjin, Seoul. The bridge was built by traditional Joseon methods just for this event.

조선후기 정치와 문예의 가장 큰 부흥을 이뤘던 22대 왕 정조, 역사상 가장 성대하고 화려한 축제의 길 재현에 200여명의 외국인이 참석하였습니다.

46명의 Part1 참여자는 고급스러운 궁중의상을 입고 서울역에서 노들섬까지 행차에 참여하였습니다. 조선전통방식으로 설치 될 배다리를 이용하여 한강을 건너는 경험을 하였습니다.

이 배다리는 1년에 하루, 조선의 방식과 흡사하게 지어졌었습니다.

Activity Date 활동날짜

23rd of September

Morning, Saturday

9월 23일 토요일 아침

Participants 참여자

Part1. 46 people from 22 countries

Part2. 153 people from 44 countries

+ 15 Korean people

Part1. Participantion in the Tomb Parade(9AM~)

Join the parade and march to Nodeul Island

(You can change into Joseon court attire and receive props at Seoul Station Plaza, then change back to your own clothes on Nodeul Island after march.)

Part2. Experience Bea-bridge(10AM~)

Experience Bea-bridge

Watching traditional performances and martial arts performances, Watching the part1’s parade 

Special thanks to Marie Boes from Belgium!!

Marie Boes’s youtube channel: