1st Hanyangdoseong, The Seoul City Wall

한양도성 1차

Introduction 소개

Hanyang Doseong is a 500-year-old fortress in Seoul, which is also known as the Seoul City Wall. Korea had built the fortress wall in order to defect tis palace and city in Joseon era. Funday Korea Networks walked along the wall for 3 hours with 75 foreign participants and commentators around Namsan mountain. It was 4km course and participants had a chance to see the past and  present look of Seoul and take part in video contest.


한양도성은 500년동안 조선의 수도 한양(지금의 서울)을 지켜준 성벽으로 펀데이코리아네트웍스는 1차 한양도성 프로그램으로 장충체육관에서 시작하여 백범광장까지 총 3시간동안 4km동안 순성을 하였으며 영어해설사와 함께 서울의 과거와 현재를 보았으며 한양도성의 영상을 담은 영상콘테스트를 열었습니다.

Activity Date 일시

27th of May (SAT)

5월 27일 (토)

Participants 참여자

75 people from 28 countries

28개국 75명

Activities 활동

-Tour of Hanyangdoseong, The Seoul City Wall

-한양도성 투어

UCC contest winning video

**Special thanks to Laika Swinkels from Netherlands.**
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