Hanyangdoseong, Moonlight tour

한양도성, 달빛기행

Introduction 소개

The second ‘Seoul City Wall Tour’ was held on June 24th from 5PM to 8PM and 154 foreign participants took part in the event. They created traditional Korean laterns and Joseon dystasty ID tags, enjoyed a reed performance and also walked along the wall from Doseong museum to Samseon Bridge, which was 3km course. They not only leanrd about the 500-year-old fortress but enjoyed beutiful nightview of Seoul city.

한양도성을 테마로 한 2017년 두 번째 프로그램으로 오후 5시부터 8시까지 진행하였습니다.외국인 154명은 전통등과 조선시대 호패만들기 체험을 하고 도성박물관을 시작으로 낙산공원 그리고 삼선교까지의 3km구간을 걸으며 서울의 아름다운 야경을 감상하였습니다.

Activity Date 일시

24th of June

6월 24일

Participants 참여자

154 people from 41 countries

41개국 154명

Activities 활동

-Tour of Hanyangdoseong, The Seoul City Wall

-Various experience program

ㄴCreate an ID tag(ho-pea) of Joseon dynasty

ㄴMaking a Korean traditional lantern

-Watching the reef performance

-한양도성 투어/ 호패, 전통등 만들기체험과 풀피리 공연 관람

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