2018 Hangang Summer Festival

♣ Green  Art  Camping ♣


A total of 36 participants from 20 different countries joined the Han River Festival Green Art Camping this summer on 21 July. They had a fun time making eco-friendly handicrafts, transforming discarded garbage into amazing art pieces. The heat didn’t stop the participants from engaging in upcycling events. Participants made pretty notebooks from milk packets, designed their own rocks, and customised their name card holders. Some participants camped overnight at Hangang to complete the Green Art Camping event. 

Date & Time

7월21일 (토) 17:00 ~ 7월22일 (일) 09:00

17:00, July 21st to 09:00, July 22nd 

(Two days, One Night)


여의도 한강 시민 공원

Yeouido Hangang Park (Near Yeouido Mulbit Stage)


1. [Exhibition] Green Art Zone 1 with artist posposki 

Those stones at the Han River will let you dream and rest in nature.

2. [Exhibition] Green Art Zone 3 with artist peace planet

Breeze at the Han River and sea glass picked at the beach will sing a beautiful song for you.

3.  [Participant Engagement] Green Art Campaign with jelly Jang x 2woo School

Create unique environment related signs with discarded garbage and display them at the Han River!

4.  [Participant Engagement] DIY binding note kit with planG x ggeul book

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