2018 Hangang Summer Festival

♣ Green  Art  Camping ♣

     Seeking a special summer activity?

Wanna create a very special memory in Korea? 

Join us as eco-friendly artists at the Han River Festival this summer!

Our two-day camp at the Han River will offer you with a meaningful opportunity to transform discarded garbage into amazing art pieces. Make new friends with Korean and foreign participants and learn tricks from Korean up-cycling artists!

The camp is only limited to thirty participants, hesitate no more and sign up today! 


Date & Time

7월21일 (토) 17:00 ~ 7월22일 (일) 09:00

17:00, July 21st to 09:00, July 22nd 

(Two days, One Night)

Registration Duration

7월16일 까지

 Until 16th July


환경과 캠핑에 관심 있는 외국인 30명

 30 Expats in Korea who are interested in environment and camping

Registration guidelines

[Inquiry 문의 : funday.networks2@gmail.com] 

ㄱ.  신청은 그룹이나 개인으로 신청이 가능

       ⇒그룹일 경우 총 4명이 하나의 텐트를 공유

(가족이 아닐 경우 남녀가 텐트를 공유하는 것은 불가합니다.)

 ⇒ 개인일 경우 다른 개인 참가자와 텐트를 공유


A. Individual or group registration (3 or 4 members) is allowed.

 ⇒For group registration, up to 4 members will share a tent.

(Male and female participants CANNOT share the same tent unless they are FAMILY)

 ⇒ Individuals will group in teams of fours in each tent for activity purposes.


ㄴ. 활동 참여   캠핑 ×

 ⇒ 텐트 취침을 원하지 않으시는분은 활동만 참여한 후 귀가 가능

활동시간: 21일 오후5시~8시

B. Activity  Camping×

 ⇒Those who would like to participate the activities only,will not be camping, are allowed to register.

Duration of activities: 5 P.M to 8 P.M, 20th of July.

Announcement of selected Participants

7월19일 목요일 (이메일을 통해 개별 연락)

 Thursday, 19th July (Via Email)


여의도 한강 시민 공원

Yeouido Hangang Park (Near Yeouido Mulbit Stage)


 활동인증서(신청자 한정), 간단한 식사,

텐트&담요 제공

 Activity certificate (upon request only),

a light meal, free tent and blanket usage.



1. [Exhibition] Green Art Zone 1 with artist posposki 

Those stones at the Han River will let you dream and rest in nature.

2. [Exhibition] Green Art Zone 3 with artist peace planet

Breeze at the Han River and sea glass picked at the beach will sing a beautiful song for you.

3.  [Participant Engagement] Green Art Campaign with jelly Jang x 2woo School

Create unique environment related signs with discarded garbage and display them at the Han River!

4.  [Participant Engagement] DIY binding note kit with planG x ggeul book

⇓⇓⇓  Sign up for camping  participation  ⇓⇓⇓ 

캠핑도 활동도 참여

⇓⇓⇓  Sign up for activity participation only   ⇓⇓⇓

캠핑없이 활동만 참여

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