The world bridge project in Hanriver festival

한강몽땅 여름축제

Introduction 소개

68 supporters from different countries took part in the global project, called ‘World Bridge Project” where the supporters created a great artwork, using colorful threads.The project was one of the main programs of 2017 Han River summer festival, which was held for 30 days. Apart from the project, a total of 154 foreign participants also enjoyed programs such as ‘Night walk 42K’, ‘Han River water war’, ‘Jazz in summer’, ‘Sounce festival’, ‘Cardboard racing’ and ‘Seoul story fashion show’. They had a lot of fun in the programs and monitored them at the same time.

30일동안 열린 한강몽땅 여름축제 2017에서는 “월드브릿지프로젝트”를 외국인 서포터즈 68명이 참여하였습니다. 서포터즈들은 실을 이용하여 세계와 한강을 잇는 예술작품을 완성해 나갔습니다. 축제 개막식 이후 한강몽땅축제의 나이트워크42K., 한강물싸움축제, 한 여름밤의 째즈, 사우스페스티벌, 종이배, 서울스토리패션쇼 등에 총 154명의 외국인이 한 달여간 활발히 참여하여 프로그램들 모니터링을 하였습니다.

Activity Period 활동기간

8th of July ~ 21st of August

7월 8일 ~ 8월 21일

Participants 참여자

153 people from 43 countries

43개 국 153명

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