You & I in Hanbok -Hanbok day 2017-

너와 나 그리고 한복, 2017 한복의 날

Introduction 소개

Have you heard of a Korean dance, called the Ganggang Sul-lae, which is registered at UNESCO? Korean have been doing this dance for more than 500 years! In the past, people used to hold each other’s hands and dance the Ganggang Sul-lae in hopes of increasingly their fertility and the richness of their lives during the first full moon of the lunar year. Don’t miss a chance to experience this rich tradition by wearing a stunning traditional Hanboks and dancing the Ganggang Sul-lae with people from all over the world in a traditional Korean village. You will also have to chance to make your own traditional Korean lantern, called a Cheongsachorong to light up Hanbok day 2017!

‘강강술래’라는 유네스코에 등재된 한국의 춤에 대해서 알고계시나요? 이 춤은 손을 잡고 다산과 풍요를 바라며 정월대보름에 추었던 춤입니다. 한복을 입고 강강술래를 한옥마을에서 출 수 있는 기회를 놓치지마세요. 또한 청사초롱을 만들어 2017년 한복의 날의 불을 밝혀주세요.

Activity Date 일시

14th of October 16:00~20:00

10월 14일 오후 4시~8시

Registration period 모집 기간

By 10th of October

10월 10일까지

Activities 활동

– Experience of dressing up Hanbok.

– Making Korean traditional lantern, named “Cheongsa-Chorong”

Activities 활동

– Learning and doing Korean traditional dance, named “Gang-gang-sul-rae”

Location 위치

28 Toegye-ro 34-gil, Pildong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

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