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Muhammad Khairul Bin Zulkifli Ng

Speechless, my friends and I enjoyed going there. Met new friends and learnt a new dance. Thank you for organizing this event.

Ximena Carmona

It was an incredible event! The dance was very funny, and I got the chance to meet amazing people! Thank you for the good memories!


It was my first time wearing an Hanbok and I really enjoyed it! The day was super fun, activities and specially the traditional dance. The staff as very friendly and helpfull as always. Hope to be able to do it again! 🙂

Doan Thanh Huyen

I and my friends had awesome time at the event. Supporters are very friendly and cheerful; hanbok is so nice; making lantern is also very interesting, and especially dancing ganggangsullae will be my precious memory in Korea. Thank you, Funday Korea Networks Organization ^^


I joined the event with my friend. We enjoyed very much. It was really nice to wear hanbok with many of foreign friends from different countries. I'd like to say thank you to the FunDay Network organization. 🙂

BUI Mai Linh

It was chilling that day but we all were so warm by the friendly atmosphere and by the non-stop traditional dance haha. Thank you Funday Korea for hosting such a great event. It was wonderful to meet new people, make new friends from other countries. Staff was so nice and helpful as well.

Anh Cuong Le

Very professional and memorable event !

Krysta P

Thank you so much for hosting the hanbok event. It was so awesome, the hanbok, the lantern, the food, the people and especially learning the dance. It was so fun and everyone was so nice.

TRINH Thu Trang

I have come to Korea since September so this is the first time I have joined in such event like that. This is also the first time I have a chance to wear hanbok, which I always wanted to do before. The way Funday Korea Networks organize the event is so professional, so friendly. Joining those events will make you understand more about the culture, the people and the long history of Korea. Thank Funday Korea Networks so much for your hard-working!

Shaimaa Hussien Ahmed Ali

Thank you so much for the very well-organized event. it was a wonderful day. I enjoyed so much 😀

You & I in Hanbok -Hanbok day 2017-

너와 나 그리고 한복, 2017 한복의 날

Introduction 소개

205 Foreign participants gathered in Namsangol traditional Hanok Village on October 14th to celebrate Hanbok day. They tried Korean traditional dance, called Ganggang Sullae for the  first time, which has been registered at Unesco. Ganggang Sullae is the symbol of fertility and  richness of Korean people’s lives. The participants not only danced Ganggang Sullae, but also created a Korean lantern ‘Cheongsa-Chorong’ and enjoyed Latin American performances that were prepared for culture exchange with Latin American .

다산과 풍요의 상징이자 유네스코에 등재된 강강술래를 205명의 외국인이 남산골한옥마을에 모여 춤을 추었습니다. 또한 한국전통 청사초롱을 만들고 라틴문화체험을 하였습니다.

Activity Date 일시

14th of October 17:00~20:00

10월 14일 오후 5시~8시

Participants 참여자

205 people from 47 countries

47개국 205명

Activities 활동

– Experience of dressing up Hanbok.

– Making Korean traditional lantern, named “Cheongsa-Chorong”

– Learning and doing Korean traditional dance, named “Gang-gang-sul-rae”




-강강술래 춤추기

Location 위치

28 Toegye-ro 34-gil, Pildong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul