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Wish it was on Saturday.. but no problem.. this gives those who cannot make it on Saturdays an opportunity to experience nonrefundable


It will be an amazing event for Koreans and foreigners. It will strengthen the traditions and spread them all over the world. But I am wondering if we foreigners do not have a Hanbok, how wo should do ? Good luck ..

Project Runway Hanbok 3

프로젝트 한복 런웨이 3

Introduction 소개

Founteen foreign participants from ten different countries joined the festival as Hanbok models. They showed us their best poses in Mannequin Chanllenge, directed by the Director, Mr. Hwang Hyeon-mo who has been managing The Seoul Story Fashion Show for three years. They stayed still just like a mannequin for 5 minutes and received a warm cheers from other participants of the event.

지난 여름 2017 서울 스토리패션쇼의 총 연출감독이었던 황현모 감독과 함께한 마네킹챌린지 14명의 모델들은 5분의 시간을 멈춰 관객들의 환호를 받았습니다.

Activity Date 활동날짜

13th of October

5PM~9PM, Saturday

10월 13일 금요일 오후 5시~9시

Participants 참여자

14 people form 10countries

10개국 14명

Activities 활동

10th of October (Practice) 10월 10일(모델연습)

5PM~7PM : Funday Korea Networks’ office


12th of October (Rehearsal) 10월 12일 (리허설)

5PM~7PM : Dongdeamoon



Free rent of designer Gang’s Hanbok

강영숙 디자이너 한복 제공

Location 위치

Practice [10th of Oct]

“Funday Korea Networks”