Halloween in Gapyeong

Funday Korea Network managed their another very first creative program “Halloween in Gapyeong”.This program held on last 28th October,2018.Where our participants had a chance to know that, how Koreans historically celebrated the Halloween in their own way on the ancient time. They also had the chance to see the breathtaking beauty Garden of morning calm.They also participated  2 hours workshop, where they got to learned Cheoyongmu Dance.Its an old religious dance which was performed by wearing mask on stage to get rid of evil spirits. That’s why it is called Halloween dance in Korea.Koreans used to dance Cheoyongmu to repel demons, wishing for peace.
We invited  40 foreign friends at Gapyeong, where they can the Cheoyongmu which is an intangible cultural asset.Got to learn this authentic Korean dance, as well as watch the amazing Cheoyongmu performances firsthand, and visit the beautiful The Garden of Morning Calm all of the experiences were amusing. This was an exclusive one-day trip and free of charge!


Date & Time

9:00 ~20:00 , October 28, 2018

 2018년 10월 28일(일) 9:00시 ~ 20:00시


-Visit the garden of Morning Calm.-Learn how to dance Cheyongmu.
-Watch Cheoyongmu.

-Participate in Korean Mask Making.

-Visit a flee Market in Gapyeong.

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I want to participate this event to get new experience about Korean culture. I am currently here as an Exchange student from Kazakhstan and that would be a great chance to learn more about Korean traditions and culture. I really hope to participate. E-mail: Nurbanuzhk@gmail.com

Abdulkadir Muche

Looks very appealing