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Kapil Gnawali

The program was great with combination of Dokdo Island's information and Vietnamese food and culture show. Thanks Funday Korea Networks for providing such a wonderful opportunity to participate the program.


Tq so much FUNDAY KOREA for having me.. It was a wonderful experience for me and informative too..! Well done☺️


That was an awesome experience, big credit to Funday Korea <3 P/s : bạn nào người Việt mà có chụp ảnh thì kết bạn fb gửi ảnh nhé lol

Laura Aho

I went in thinking it was like a Vietnamese culture experience (I'll admit I was a bit confused about what Dokdo and Vietnam have in common when I signed up), ended up being a supporter of Korean nationalism and Dokdo haha I had fun, but a little more clarity when describing the events, please!

Vũ Học Huấn

lần đầu đến hàn làm việc, nhớ quê hương, nhớ bạn bè, mong dc gặp gỡ làm quen các bạn việt nam ở hàn quốc

John from USA

Thanks FunDay Korea for being such wonderful hosts! The activities were wonderful and we were treated like VIPs for the festival. Thanks for lunch and for putting together such a great event!


very good activity, but I can't open the pics, wish to send to my email , I can upload to Facebook.. Thank you so much for everything

Vu Hong Nhung

Overall, activities were great but painting contest. Staffs said there would be a prize for the winner at the end of the festival. I waited until 4 pm and there wasn't.

Ganesh Ghimire

Well organized and very interesting program. We know a lot of things related to Dokdo Island.These kinds of programs helps to share cultural activities between the different participants from different countries. Thank You Funday Korea for providing me to participate in such a nice event.


Love Korea, love Dokdo and love Funday Korea Networks

Dokdo cultural festival

독도 대문화 축제

Introduction 소개

The Dokdo Cultural Festival was held in Tukseom Recreation Area in Seoul on Oct 21st to commemorate the Ho Chi Minh – Gyeongju World Culture Expo. In this festival, we prepared various programs and performances such as Dokdo painting contest, traditional Vietnamese bamboo dance, Vietnamese conical hat drawing, and traditional Vietnamese dance performances for  culture exchange between Korea and Vietnam. Delicious Vietnamese food, Bun Cha was provided for lunch as well. Participants also joined Dokdo O/X quiz contest and learned more about Dokdo Island. At the end of the festival, they had fun walking in a parade, holding their own Dokdo drawing. Even though the sunlight was strong, it was just like a picnic in a beautiful-warm-autmn day.


경주-호치민의 협력을 맞이하여 열린 이번 독도대문화축제에서는 베트남문화와 한국의 문화교류를 함께 진행하였습니다. 참여자들은 베트남 전통모자와 베트남전통음식을 제공하였고 베트남 전통공연과 전통놀이인 대나무놀이를 진행하여 참여자들이 즐거운 활동을 할 수 있도록 도왔습니다. 평화의 상징인 독도에 대한 OX퀴즈를 통해 상식을 넓히고 독도를 사랑하는 마음을 담아 걸게그림을 그리고 퍼레이드를 진행하며 따뜻한 가을 주말을 보냈습니다.

Activity Date 일시

21st of October, 10AM~4PM Saturday.

10월 21일 오전 10시 ~ 오후 4시

Participants 참여자

168 people from 29 countries.

29개국에서 온 168명

Activities 활동

– Vietnam cultural experience

– Dokdo Quiz contest

Location 위치

Ttukseom Recreation Area in Seoul

(Subway line 7)