The 44th Boseong Green Tea Festival

*May 18th to 19th & May 20th to 21st*

 On the  18th of May to 21st  of May , foreign visitors from  all around Korea gathered together to enjoy the taste of traditional tea making process   at   Boseong Green Tea Festival in the Jeollanam Province, the birthplace of green tea  and home to the largest

tea field in Korea! Starting from picking the tea leaves to stir them and dry them repeatedly to be able to  attain the  final stage of tasty and graceful green tea! And also, during the Tea Picnic and Moonlight Tea Party, which can be said as the   highlight of this trip, visitors experienced the traditional tea ceremony taught by experts while enjoying the soft and nice background acoustic music!

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What people say.

Very good trip, well organized!! I would definitely recommend it and do it again!! Fun and interesting activities. I was able to meet great people. I would only suggest to manage better the food delivery and the conditions and standards (some people there may appear to have double standards) but it can all be clarified if rules are set properly

Belen Castillo

I would like to thanks FundayKorea for this unforgetable experience. It was very fun and at the same time educational. The atmosphere there was really pleasant, in the mountains and near the sea, tasting so many different kinds to green tea. Totally recommended!

Moh Moh San

I would like to thank Funday Korea Networks. Boseong green tea feastival is a great experience for me.

Tran Lam Thuy

Well, it was a great trip and I’m happy to be a part of this trip thanks to Funday Korea. Highly recommended program for sure everyone.

Nuraiym Smanova

I would like to express my tremendous gratitude to Funday Korea Networks! It was definitely one of the best events I have ever during my stay in Korea as an international student. All activities were very exciting and well-managed. Food, accomodation and transportation - everything was perfect. New places, new people, nice memories - all were provided for only 10,000 which is amazing! I wish to participate in next events of Funday Korea Networks! Thnk you!!! Best, Nura


On the contrary, I dont think the trip was well organised. Funday Korea Networks definitely took in way too many people for it to be organised properly. My friend and I did not even managed to get the food that were promised to us. The organisers did not give the message clearly and we missed our chance to get our food. Instead, they gave our food away to other passengers who were asking for seconds. It was very unfair and I feel that it was not properly managed. Will not sign up for a trip again in the future. It is cheap, but remember, you get what you pay for. ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ[Reply - Funday Korea Networks] : Dear. Joel We appreciate your review and feedback about our program. Your feedback will certainly help us improve our programs! And we'd like to apologize again for the inconvenience. However, we'd also like to explain about the situation so that there is no misunderstanding even though we already did once during the trip. We made the announcement about how to and where to get your lunch two times in the bus before arriving at the lunch place. And since kimbab is a kind of food that goes bad really fast, we needed to give them away to other people. After distributing the food to the participants, we asked two or three times by shouting if there was anyone who didn't get the food. Please kindly note that everyone except you and your friend got their food during lunch time. If you sign up for another program of FKT, kindly inform us, we will try to provide you and your friend with additional benefits to make it up. Thank you for your interest in our program. Regards,


It is a very amazing trip with Fundaykorea, Foods, transportation, accommodation, and schedule are very good for me as a foreigner student in Korea. It is a very great experienced.

Deidra Coy

Great experience. I definitely recommend any activity by Funday Korea. Well organised and friendly and supportive staff.


kudos to the organizers they are doing great job to bring everyone together ....

Medine PALA

Hello, I got an e-mail about this trip just today. I want to apply if it is not too late. Could you please inform me how can I apply this program?