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Event Date 2020-07-01 ~ 2020-07-30
Time -
Venue -
Registration period Until July 30th
Announcement of selected participants 2020-08-10
Number of participants -

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Independence Speech Contest 

History, emotions and peace sharing project



Seodaemun Prison is a historical place where activists fighting for Independence were imprisoned and tortured during the Japanese colonization of Korea. 

서대문향무소는 일제강점기 시절, 한국의 독립을 위헤 싸우던 독립운동가들이 수감되고,

고문 받았던 역사적인 장소입니다.


In August Funday Korea Networks hosted the Independence Speech Contest with

Seodaemun Prison for the main topic.

올해 8월에는 펀데이코리아네트웍스 '서대문형무소'를 주제로 한 '독말하기 대회를' 게최했습니다.


The participants had a chance to let the world know the painful history of Seodaemun Prison or similar stories from their countries. 

참가하신 분들이 서대문형무소가 간직하고 있는 아픈 역사를 뿐만아니라 자기의 나라에서

일어난 비슷한 이야기를 알려주셨습니다.


Everybody did their best and delivered the speeches full of emotions, that couldn't but touch our hearts! 

모두 최선을 다해서 감동적인 스피지를 준비하셨습니다. 


~Find list of winners below~
~Photos of the winners~



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