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Johana Ponce

It was a really beautiful course, it is a larger event than I expected, they take care of you all the way through and we even got a medal at the end!

Shaimaa Hussien Ahmed Ali

it was a great time. i enjoyed much.. thanks for the wonderful organization of the event 😀


I really had great time, Looking forward to join you again. Thanks, to the organizers

Doan Minh Anh

It was such a great event that I have ever joined. Thank you Funday Korea!

Tran Lam

Such a great program that I had a chance to join. Thank you Funday!


It was an absolute great experience! The event was really well organized and they took really good care of us! They gave us snacks and drinks at every stop and even a medal at the very end! The scenery is absolutely stunning aswell. It's definitely worth your time!


Really beautiful place with a lot of history!

Carol Rosas

It was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the walking festa, every stop surprised me with delicious food and drink to keep going on it!! The trip was comfortable and the staff so kind 🙂


We had a lot of fun. Walking for many hours was very hard, but I could see many beautiful leaves. I want to recommend this tour to my friends.


Well organized event. Definitely would like to joinnext one.

Walking festa in Baekje

백제 워킹 페스타

Introdution 소개

In the ‘Walking Fiesta in Baekje’, 112 foreigners participated as SNS supporters and had a great day trip on October 28th. They experienced various historical sites in Buyeo City, designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They also participated in the walking festival, the main feature of the trip, and walked 4 km with Korean natives. It was a wonderful opportunity for the foreigners to discover the beautiful cultures and history of the great city, Baekje in history.

위킹페스타인백제에는 외국인 112명은 참여 후 SNS에 후기를 남기며 즐거운 여행을 다녀왔습니다.  1400년전 역사가 살아있는 부여에서는 백제의 아름다운 문화를 경험하고, 유네스코에 등재된 역사문화를 감상하였습니다. 총 4km가 되는 거리를 함께 걸으며 가을을 즐겼습니다.

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Activity Date 일시

28th of October, 9am~9pm


10월 28일

Participants 참여자

112 people from 43 countries

43개국에서 온 112명

Benefits 혜택

– Transportation included 교통포함

– All activities are free 모든 프로그램 무료제공

– Lunch, dinner and snack will be provided 점심/저녁식제 제공

– Offer of souvenir 기념품 제공

Location 위치

Buyeo-gun in Chungcheongnam-do