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Event Date 2020-09-18 ~ 2020-11-20
Time ~
Venue Changdeokgung Palace
Registration period ~
Announcement of selected participants 2020-09-09
Number of participants 2

K-UNESCO Adventurers

Zombies in Seoul 

Changdeokgung Palace


*Who are K-UNESCO Adventurers?


K-UNESCO Adventures is a project held by UNESCO and Funday Korea Networks. In this project ex-pats from all over the world who were gathered for this project explored various UNESCO heritage and hidden gems of Korea.


Meggie - USA 

Seba - Chile 

Nansi- Bulgaria 

Sam - Ghana

Marcella - Brazilia 

Belle - the Philippines

Camellia - Morocco 

Mika - Tanzania 


In this part, Nansi and Sam visited one of the filming sights of the drama "Kingdom" to show you the beauty of the Korean Royal Palace. registered as UNESCO cultural heritage.  But during our shooting suddenly the Kingdom zombies showed up and one of the cast members was even bitten! Check out the videos down below to find out what happened to Sam and Nansi.


1. Bitten by zombies during the filming



2. Found a cure for zombie bite in Korea 


You can watch more K-UNESCO Adventures on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and don't miss our new videos!



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