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History/Culture Seoul City Wall Tour & Talk Concert with Celebrities!

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Event Date 2019-12-06 ~ 2019-12-06
Time 13:30~16:00
Venue Namsan Mountain course and Seoul-ro
Registration period Until December 1
Announcement of selected participants 2019-12-03
Number of participants 40 selected foreign nationals

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K-POP / K-DramaHistory & Culture



Seoul City Wall Tour & Talk Concert 


On Friday, December 6th, 40 foreign nationals gathered together for a fun outdoor activity with Funday Korea Networks.

We all met at the Namsam park entrace to participate in a City Wall walking tour and a Talk concert together, which was

hosted by Seoul Tourism Organization.

12월6일, 40명의 외국인 친구들이 펀데이코리아네트웍스와 함께 하는 야외 행사에 참여하기 위해 남산공원입구에  모였어요.

이번 행사는 서울의 자랑스러운 문화재 '한양도성' 걷기 행사 였는데 서울관광재단에서 주최한 행사였답니다.




The weather was pretty chilly but it didn't stop anyone from coming to enjoy a sunny day out and have a great time!^^ Everyone got coffee with snacks, a warm blanket and a hotpack not to catch a cold during the walk.

날씨가 꽤 쌀쌀했지만 햇살이 좋아서 즐거운 야외활동을 할 수 있었어요.

커피와 스낵을 즐기고 감사하게도 서울관광재단에서 담요와 핫팩을 준비해주셔서 추위를 이길 수 있었어요!


3553823067_1575959624.5239.jpg    3553823067_1575959639.8334.jpg


We had great fun walking the Seoul City Wall, enjoying the magnificent views and admiring the nature! 

한양도성 길을 걸으며 예쁜 풍경도 보고 자연도 즐길 수 있는 시간이었습니다 :) 


3553823067_1575959762.1572.jpg    3553823067_1575959813.1949.jpg


After finally climbing up the City Wall we enjoyed a Talk concert with two celebrities, prepared special for us.

Despite the cold weather, we spent another fun day in Seoul and had a good time all together :) 

한양도성길을 걸은 뒤에는 두명의 한국 셀럽과 함께하는 토크콘서트를 가졌어요.

날씨는 추웠지만 서울에서 새 친구들과 함께하는 즐거운 행사였습니다 :) 




 3553823067_1575959942.1045.jpg    3553823067_1575959967.9544.jpg


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