Hanyang Doseong & Culture Experience 2018

This is a walk unlike any other. In the Joseon era, scholars prayed at Namsan for blessings to pass  the examinations they would be writing to become government officers.

Here’s an opportunity to wear the costumes of ancient scholars and walk along the ramparts of Hanyang Doseong to breathe in the spirit of 600 years of history.

Make a wish at Namsan under the moonlight, overlooking the Seoul nightscape!

조선시대 선비들이 과거시험 전, 남산에 들러 합격을 소원하던 그 때처럼

과거 선비 복장을 하고 600년 역사의 살아 숨 쉬는 한양도성 성벽을 따라 함께 걸어요!

남산에서 서울의 아름다운 야경과 달빛을 느끼며 소원을 빌어보세요!

Date and time

     4:00pm ~ 9:00pm, October 13, 2018(Saturday)

2018년 10월 13일(토) 4:00pm ~ 9:00pm


Namsan course of Hanyang Doseong

(Jangchung Park>Seoul N Tower Plaza>Baekbeom Plaza)

한양도성 남산구간

(장충공원>서울N타워 광장>백범광장)


    60 Foreigners (Not suitable for children), 40 Korean College Students

외국인 60명 (아이들에게 적합하지 않은 행사입니다.), 한국인 대학생 40명

Entry Fee


(Snacks, souvenirs, performances and cultural program included

간식, 공연, 기념품, 문화프로그램 제공)


*Joseon Scholar costume experience.

조선 선비 복장 체험

* Hanyang Doseong tour with the costume – Namsan course.

한양도성 남산투어 순성

*Enjoy busking performances and cultural experience programs.

버스킹 공연  및 문화프로그램 체험

*Attend traditional ceremony of Hanyang Doseong.

한양도성 전통의례 참석


Email: funday.networks2@gmail.com

Kakaotalk: funday1

Application Deadline

Until Sunday, October 7, 2018

10월07일 (일) 까지

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Erkinbaeva Azizakhon

i wanna to visit Seul and i have eager to participate this festival


I really want to participate this cultural festival which I have never attendant before


I want to participate in this festival with my girlfriend;))