2018 Seoul Arirang Festival

Discover the true meaning of “Arirang” 

Arirang is known as a symbol of Koreans sufferings and desire for independence. For that reason, Arirang is the unofficial anthem and the heart song of Korea . Arirang is a music which touches your soul, the ward of every lyric focuses on a meaningful history and the power of the song. We are delighted to invite you as a guest of the Arirang festival. Enjoy live, diversified Korean music and several other aspects of Seoul culture at the place of the combination of modernity and tradition! Only forty privileged foreign nationals will get the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive benefits provided by Funday Korea Networks at this event

서울을 대표하는 문화관광축제 아리랑 페스티벌에 여러분을 초대 합니다!

아리랑은 독립을 향한 한국의 투쟁을 상징하는 것으로 알려져 있으며, 한국의 비공식적인 애국가로도 알려져 있습니다.

현대와 전통 그리고 한국인의 영혼이 깃들어진 그 현장에서 진정한 한국의 다채로운 음악과 문화를 즐겨보세요!

단 40명의 의국인에게만 무료로 참가 기회가 주어지니 지금 바로 신청하세요!

Date & Time

 2018년 10월 14일(일) 11:30 to 17:00-

11:30 ~ 17:00, October 14, 2018


 40 Foreign nationals

40명의 외국인


서울 광화문 광장

Seoul Gwanghwamun Plaza

Benefits for participants

Free Lunch 점심 식사

Souvenir 기념품

Various cultural experience programs

다양한 문화 프로그램 참여

Entry Fee

Free 무료


Experience a traditional Korean game, Dansimjul.

한국의 전통놀이 ‘단심줄’ 즐기기

Enjoy performances and cultural experience programs

전통 공연과 체험 프로그램 참여

Join the Arirang parade with locals

한국인들과 아리랑 퍼레이드 참여하기

(Detailed schedule will be informed to selected participants individually.)

Special Event for Foreign Participants

Registration Period

Until Oct 7th (Sun.)


-Email: Funday.networks3@gmail.com

-Kakaotalk: funday1

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Hello i want to participant


It was good fun. We learned a traditional dance, took part in some traditional cultural events (drum playing, dancing and mask painting) and had a great lunch. Always accompanied by the kind Funday Korea team.

Safeena Sabir

It was great fun to be a part of such tremendous cultural programs,enjoyed every bit seoul arirang festival 2018 Looking for more fu.❤❤❤

Azra memon

I want to experience Koreans culture

Ingkar Abdraimova

I wanted go to Arirang festival